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PMU has become very popular over the past few years. We are proud to announce that we are NOW offering Microblading Services. Our Certified Technician, Skyler Hood, has exceeded expectations and is ready to offer our Clients Nano Brow Services. Skyler hopes to soon expand her knowledge in PMU and plans to offer Microblade Shading and Lip Services in the near future.


A semi-permanent make-up procedure that uses a handheld blade made of tiny needles to deposit pigment deep within the first layer of skin in a precise manner to achieve realistic hair strokes to create a fuller brow shape. Microblading should last 18-36 months, depending on many factors like age, skin type, illnesses, aftercare, etc. At your 6-8 week follow-up appointment, there may be a need for your first touch-up. After this, most people opt for Touch-Ups every 6 months to 1 year.

"I am extremely satisfied with the results of my Microblading services. Being Skyler's first Client, I was a little nervous. Now, I can say with confidence, that Skyler strives for excellence! If she had a question, she asked her Mentor before ever making the stroke. She was very gentle and caring. It has been 3 weeks and I absolutely love waking up in the morning seeing my new look. 10 STARS! I definitely recommend!

Do you lack a natural arch? Have you plucked your brows away? Or maybe you dislike that your brows are light in color? No matter the reason, Skyler can help you achieve your desired look! I am so happy with my decision to try Microblading. Skyler made my experience fun and comfortable. If you have been debating whether or not to try Microblading, I definitely suggest you GO FOR IT! For #flawlessbrows go see Skyler @bluephoenix.tattoos

Every Morning, I use to get up and draw on my eyebrows. NOW, I do not even have to touch them. I have saved time and energy from not having to do my brows every day. I cannot thank Skyler enough for creating this perfect natural look for me. 

Clean, Safe, Inviting Environment! I was skeptical at first. I had no idea what the after would look like. Skyler really out did herself. She was honest, informational, and very fun to be around. I have got several compliments on my brows. Thank you, Skyler, for giving me a boost!

Meet The Artist


My name is Skyler Hood. I am trained and certified in Body Piercing and Microblading. Growing up in the industry, watching and learning from my mama, I started my career as a Body Piercer about a year ago. I love the joy that comes with making someone feel good within their own skin. That's what drew me to Microblading. It can be a huge self confidence booster. I absolutely love helping people feel better about themselves. I enjoy giving my clients the look of a natural brow. As well as helping them create themselves with unique body piercings. I am new in this Industry, but rest assure you will continue to hear my name as I continue to learn and grow to strive to be the absolute best that I can be for my clients.

"We Rise above the rest to give You the Best!" 



Your Eyebrows will go through a healing process. At this time, you may notice things like, swelling and redness. The pigment may appear darker than the final color. You may notice patchy and/or fading of the pigment. All of these are normal. REMEMBER: The healing process is different for everyone. Please make sure to follow your aftercare diligently and contact your Artist for any questions or concerns.


It is highly suggested that you follow your Aftercare Instructions to the very best of your ability. Microblading is a delicate procedure that requires gentle and strict care. The following Aftercare produces the best results.

Contact your Artist for any questions or concerns.


$400 - Microblade Services

$60 - 6-8 Week Touch Up

$60 - 6 Month Touch-Up

$200 - Annual

Microblading Services Require an in-person Consultation. Consultations are FREE, Mon-Fri 2-6:30

There will be a $50, Non-Refundable/Non-Transferable, Deposit Required to hold your Appointment spot if you decide to proceed with the Service.

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